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How does Ling Shu Acupuncture work?

According to Ling Shu, people become sick due to meridian imbalance. (The concept of a meridian is similar to systems in modern western medicine; e.g., the Lung Meridian and the respiratory system. There are twelve meridians in the body.) When a meridian is disordered, a certain group of symptoms will occur.

In clinical practice, the acupuncturist compiles all the symptoms from the patient through careful questioning and the patient's own reported complaints. Some questions may seem irrelevant to the primary complaint, but this helps the doctor make the correct diagnosis, especially for internal diseases.

After making the diagnosis, a group of points will be selected. As explained in Ling Shu chapter 10, points are selected from the disordered meridian only. If it is a pain-related illness, points will always be selected on the same side of illness. If it is an internal disease, points may be selected on the one side of body or both sides.

One of the most important procedures in Ling Shu Acupuncture is checking the patient's pulses throughout the treatment. Chapter 8 of Ling Shu explains that pulses are the radial artery and carotid artery; thus, the doctor needs to check those pulses to determine whether or not the imbalanced meridian has been corrected. In other words, the result of the treatment is determined by checking for changes in the pulses.

Key features of Ling Shu Acupuncture: 

  1. No-pain needling throughout the treatment. Most patients describe the needling as being less than a standad lab-run blood test or even a pinch.
  2. Because Ling Shu Acupuncture pinpoints the most effective points for each illness, only a few points are selected and needled during each treatment.
  3. The majority of the selected points for needling are located at the four limbs - no needling is done on the face, head, chest, or abdomen. 
  4. Each treatment lasts about thirty minutes.


How frequent should acupuncture treatment be?

According to chapter 8 of Ling Shu, the frequency of treatment varies depending on the meridian that is being treated; e.g. if the Heart Meridian is being treated, acupunture once a day is suggested for the best result, whereas for the Kidney Meridian, once every two days is the recommended frequency. 


What should the patient expect post-treatment?

If the patient has a pain-related issue, they should feel certain improvement immediately following treatment. For an internal disease, it may take several sessions of treatment for the patient to feel change. 


Do you accept insurance? How much is each session of treatment without insurance?

We accept insurance if it covers acupuncture; however, most insurance that has acupuncture benefits cover pain-related issues only. We charge $55 for each session of treatment if your insurance does not cover acupuncture/does not cover the specific diagnosis you want treated.

If your insurance does cover acupuncture, please bring it with you. We ask that you pay the full fee of $55 for the first session as we go through the process of verifying that the claim goes through. We will refund you when the claim is processed by the next session.     


Do you offer consultation?

Yes - consultation is $40, which will be counted into the cost of treatment if you decide to have a treatment during the same visit. 


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